Wheel Horse Loaders

A sure way to run with the big dogs is to purchase a Wheel Horse loader and be ready to move, lift, and power your way over uneven terrain or through piles of debris with little to no uncomfortable bounce. With the balance, precision, durability and innovative engineering of Wheel Horse loaders they are a great way to rid your property of unwanted stumps, heavy rocks and fallen tree branches, and mounds of snow blocking the driveway. Sure, you could try to talk your family and friends into coming to a grounds-keeping party, but do you really think they’ll fall for that one? Wouldn’t it be much simpler to attach your front loader bucket and get to work? Think about it—just you and your Wheel Horse loader—no guilt or obligatory paybacks come due at the end of a challenging job. The pride felt for a job well done can be shared with your Wheel Horse loader; simply give it a shine, cover it, and promise it an outing when your next job comes due.

Wheel Horse loaders definitely descend from the “Sherman” variety of tanks - or least it would seem that way to anyone who has ever been behind the wheel of one. They are well balanced and have powerful hydraulics and quickway buckets for heavy yet safe lifting. The Renault engines used on many Wheel Horse loaders is smooth and easy to operate, providing the tractor enthusiast with a great ride and an even greater capacity to push, pull, grade, lift, and remove heavy items in less than half the time of doing them by hand. The Wheel Horse Lawn Ranger Loader makes mincemeat out of those lawn renovations, and it’s so easy to operate that a woman or child could give their hand a try. There are also the Wheel Horse C-161 Automatic ARK Loader and the Wheel Horse Skid Steer Loader, built to do large jobs with little effort. There is even a trailer hitch that can be attached to a loader bucket with a hitch ball that can give your Wheel Horse loader another chore to accomplish.

A word of caution, though, when using your Wheel Horse loader with a bucket, be sure to balance your load and avoid overloading it beyond recommended capacity so that you don’t risk tipping. For most heavy jobs, operators of a Wheel Horse loader can rest easy, knowing that the weight of those thick fenders and solid engine covering, as well as the study frames of the Wheel Horse, provide your tractor with plenty of support.

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Wheel Horse 700

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Wheelhorse Hydraulic Pump

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Wheel Horse Round Hood Glider

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2005 2014 Ford Mustang GT Black Track Pack 19 Wheel w Running Horse Center Cap

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2005 2014 Mustang GT Black Track Pack 19 Wheel w Running Horse Center Cap

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