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Wheel Horse is a well known producer of garden tractors and lawn mowers that is about as American as apple pie. It was started from humble beginnings by former owner Elmer Pond in 1946. He began building two-wheel, self-propelled "Walk Away" garden tractors. The Walk Aways were constructed using a channel iron frame in conjunction with various combinations of spare car and motorcycle parts. A few years later in 1947 the company produced another line of wheel horse tractors called Ride Aways. They were to first of his creations that sported four wheels and were made from crude parts and without a hood for easy service access.

At the onset of the 1950's Pond's wheel horse tractors really began to take off as they became much more inexpensive, increasingly useful, and easy to maintain. By the second half of the decade Pond's Wheel Horse tractors were selling throughout the country extremely well. This helped fund the creation of a new and improved generation of Wheel Horses which were much more consistent and standardized then any of the company's previous creations.

The most popular of this new generation of machines was the RJ-58 Wheel Horse. Released in 1958, it came without a mowing deck, but allowed customers to later add the decks as add-ons if they so desired. This cutting edge machine featured a three speed transmission. It took Elmer Pond only 60 days to create the Uni Drive transmission that defined the RJ-58. The RJ-58 Wheel Horse boasted a powerful Kohler k-90 engine. Its cousin the RJ-35 was powered by a Clinton B-1200. Another later line of tractors based on the RJ-58 was the RJ-25, which had a 2.5 HP engine manufactured by Briggs. Each of the RJ models featured the same assortment of attachments, but during the second half of the decade their wheel colors changed slightly.

The desire for Wheel Horses grew so much that by the end of 1959 they couldn’t keep up with the influx of orders. Since the two-car garage would no longer accommodate Pond's thriving venture, he soon moved the entire operation to South Bend, Indiana.

In 1960 two new models of Wheel Horses were introduced. The new additions included the Model 400, which sported a four-horse power Kohler engine and the Model 550, which packed a strong punch thanks to a 5.5 horse power Techumseh-Lauson engine. The Model 400 and 550 were such a hit with with suburban homeowners that they quickly became known as the quintessential Suburban garden tractors.

Pond's company was eventually acquired in the 1970's by the American Motors Corporation. In 1986 Wheel Horse was purchased by Toro, who owns the company still to this day. They have since produced the next few generations of wheel horse tractors and lawn mowers.

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3313879238914040 1 Wheel Horse

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MTD 618 0624 Spindle Assembly 42 Riding Mowers Toro Wheelhorse 112 0460

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John Deere 110 Johnson work horse loader Cub Cadet Wheel Horse Sears Allis
$200.00 (5 Bids)

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Wheel Horse D 180 Steering Assembly LOOOK

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2 Cub Cadet MTD Toro Wheelhorse Spindles 618 04126 618 04125 112 0370 11962

2010643326064040 1 Wheel Horse
Wheel Horse Raider 12 Tractor Tecumseh HH120 12hp Engine Crankshaft

3313883346634040 1 Wheel Horse
Wheelhorse 1054 953 Mower Deck RM 484

3111816362694040 1 Wheel Horse
Vintage Bolens Versa Matic Snow Blade Attachment Garden Tractor

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Gravely 5260 Kohler K181 Flywheel 234809 John Deere Wheel Horse Cub Cadet

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Kohler K241 10hp Cub Cadet Wheel Horse Block Tractor Pull straight base

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Wheel Horse white wall tires

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kohler K482 Governor carburetor John Deere Wheel Horse tractor K series

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Wheelhorse Voltage Regulator

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Wheel Horse Tractor Mowing Deck Mule Drive

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Toro Wheelhorse 270 Hydro Garden Tractor

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Vintage 1969 Wheel Horse Hydrostatic Transmission Pump with Pulley

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